Run Toward the Roar

A herd of antelope wanders across the plain.

A pride of lions waits nearby…hidden in the tall grass.

The oldest and the weakest lions separate themselves from the hunting pack. They have lost much of their strength. Their teeth are worn down and broken.

The roar of these old lions is far worse than their bite.

As the herd enters the area between the old lions and the hunting pack, the oldest lions let out a ferocious roar.

The herd panics. They are terrified of the noise. Blinded by fear, they turn… they run.

The frightened antelope think they are running towards safety. Instead, they run directly towards the strongest lions, the hunters.

In your life, you will experience pain. You will experience tragedy. You will be frightened.  

Pain is terrifying. Pain can be blinding. But pain cannot kill you.

When you experience pain, when you experience tragedy, when you are frightened…stand strong. Dig deep. Do not panic.

Run toward the pain.

Run toward the fear.

Run toward the roar.