Why We Need Community

Community. Never in our generation has the word become more commonly used, or more controversial, than it is right now. We hear it in the news… it’s in the headlines, and on the lips of almost every conscious person on the street. But there’s a distinct irony in the detail that a word meant to depict us as a unit looks to be tearing us apart. The burden lies within the erroneous belief system that to be part of one community, you must somehow disconnect from, or disempower, or disrespect, another. We have regressed and begun to speak of community in terms that marginalize and separate us.

  • The Muslim Community
  • The Gay Community
  • The Medical Community
  • The Christian Community
  • The Local Community
  • The Black Community
  • The Latino Community
  • The Homeless Community
  • The Law Enforcement Community

Wordplay of the Day

The word community originates from the Latin “com” - meaning with or together, and “munire” – meaning to defend or fortify…as in munitions. Weapons.

Wait, weapons?

The word's original meaning was to describe a group banned together to fight. So has community finally come full circle to fulfill its birthright as a force of separation – pitting one label in opposition to another until we all choose a side that we feel obliged to fight for? And what do we do if we elect not to pick a side – do we then become part of our own community of outcasts or divergents?


One of the things I love about the P3 community is that it’s not about division, but about inclusion. Those who’ve passed through the door are always welcomed back with love and open arms. Not because we are all alike, but precisely because of the opposite; in our individuality, we each discover our own way to fulfill our purpose in service to one another.

Like any family, there is disagreement, strife, discord, and yes....a little drama. But if we are willing to receive it, there is also caring, and support, and healing.

The treasure is always in the healing, for when we choose to do the work to restore ourselves, we unlock a portal that opens up the heart, allowing us to participate in the restoration of another, who will go forth and perpetuate the cycle yet again.  

We have been granted the privilege of being active participants in a cycle of healing. The world may feel dissonant and foreboding for so many of us at this moment in our history. We may feel powerless to change things that we believe are unjust and out of alignment with the greater good.

We. Are. Not. Powerless.

We are empowered because we know that to heal the world, we start with ourselves. We are empowered because when one of us falls, we have access to an army of angels waiting to come and lift us up. We are empowered because we understand the transformational power of LOVE. And we bare witness to the undeniable truth that it can transform us into instruments of miraculous events. 

We need community because one person can’t change the world, but one person can be a catalyst for another’s evolution, who can be the catalyst for another’s, and so on and so forth.

We need community to remind us that we matter.

We need community because when we forget – and there will be times that we will – someone will remind us that we are powerful beyond measure.

And mostly, we need community because the greatest weapon in our possession is LOVE, and when we forcefully and intentionally send that energy into the universe, it will return to us in equal measure.

And who doesn’t want more of that?